I spend most of life in disbelief!


Many would think that being an engineer would prepare you for the way that technology enables us to do things, like fitting more into a smaller space, the speed that we can process information and even some of the technologies that are becoming more and more available, like nano technology.


But guess what…It doesn’t.


I think this is because I’m an engineer, when a PCB supplier says “ we’ve made a board for a BGA with 100 pads with 0.05mm pads with a 0.2mm pitch” I think – HOW????


I mean like, how? How do you get the package that small and how do you get pads that small on a PCB? It requires a monstrous level of dimensional accuracy, more accuracy on the registration side of things and just a new technique. But every new step in one technology has a knock on effect to other technologies, which are more readily used.


I find so much that this technical drive is coming from the mobile market, it’s incredible! We want high speed internet and e-mail access, a good camera, video, phone, access to thousands of apps and it’s got to fit nicely in my pocket. Oh and did I mention, I don’t want to pay a lot for it! It’s the child in all of us demanding more, better, now! So industry is working it’s socks off trying to fulfil the demand and get / keep it’s corner of the market. Wars have often been the driver of technologies in the past, the war to satisfy the consumer is now the driver.


So, what is the limit? What is there that we can’t do now and where is the future taking us?


I don’t know is the short answer, who could have predicted what the mobile phone would evolve into? Less than 10 years ago Facebook wasn’t heard of and social networking was in it’s infancy.


What ever it is though, I’m sure I’ll be standing in disbelief !



Simon Farnell CID



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Comment by Leslie Langnau on May 2, 2011 at 7:11am

Love your comments, Simon.  It is amazing what has happened, and the most amazing thing is that as small as this technology becomes, it still works, and pretty reliably too!  I love my iPhone--it is an amazing piece of technology.  

Who knows where it will end.  I see news reports of new materials, new methods of manufacture all the time.  One question--do we dare slow down? 

Comment by Ward Holloway PE on April 28, 2011 at 1:16pm
Technology is exponential, soon we will hit the SINGULARITY. Humans will invent an intelligence that has the knowledge to invent a greater intelligence and so on. It will be the last thing that humans ever create because at that point in time anything that is possible will be possible.


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