What are the 5 largest electronic component distributors in China?

This is according to the Chinese authoritative media in 2016.

1. Cogobuy

Cogobuy Group PLC is a publicly listed company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange as SEHK: 400. The company primarily deals with computer and telecommunication hardware. It provides an e-commerce platform for electronic goods in China, although the company and its subsidiaries distribute their products globally. 

Product line:Xilinx,Broadcom,Freescale,ATMEL,ATP,FCI,Linera,Emerson,Intel,RFMD,Panasonic,Winbond,BOSCH,AOS,Silergy,Honerwell

2. China Electronics Equipment Shenzhen Limited Company

China Electronic Appliance CO.,LTD(CEAC)is an industry-leading authorized distributor of electronic component in China. With headquarter in Shenzhen, CEAC has extensive sales coverage in China with 30 branch offices covering almost all major cities in China. CEAC offers customers with over 90 product lines including semiconductors, passive, interconnect and electromechanical components from world-famous chip manufacturers. CEAC’s product line covers Telecom, Smart Grid, Security, Industrial, Wireless Technology, Smart TV, Consumer Electronics, Power Management and Automotive, delivering professional value added design chain services, reference designs and total solutions.

3. techtronics

Techtronics was founded in 1999, it’s the industry's "high-quality products, supply chain services and engineering design of the overall solution provider" local outstanding representative and leading enterprises. The product covers mobile /PAD, PC related, set-top box, smart home, wearable equipment, robot and other markets.

4. Shenzhen Road Well Electronics Co.,Ltd.

Road-well will to consumer mobile communications, medical, automotive and other electronics industry as a target market, focus on providing full range of quality electronic components for the Chinese domestic well-known manufacturers, product application support, program design, after-sales and logistics, professional services.

Road will Kang Electronics is a professional electronic yuan agents and system solutions provider, was established in 2001 and headquartered in Shenzhen, with branch offices in Hong Kong, with offices in Shanghai, Tianjin, Fuzhou, recruits now total about 230, 2012 turnover of nearly 4.5 billion yuan.

5. Shenzhen Wisewheel Electronics Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Wisewheel Electronics Co., Ltd. is committed to becoming the leading supplier for platform type distribution of electronic parts and components, which is focused on mobile communications, consumer electronics and security vehicles and other fields.

The company has a sales team, which is highly efficient, high-quality and professional, its core members have rich industry experience: who have work experience that is more than 10 years in the field of communications consumer electronics and have engaged the sales of components and parts in long-term in mobile communications industry. The team is consisted of outstanding backbones, which has rich work experience of well-known semiconductor and components and parts suppliers, has rich market and management experience, which has laid a solid foundation for sustainable development of the company.

But some electronic components online distributor are developed very quickly. Soon one day, it's sure that the distribution of distributors online is bigger than the five. It's even comparable to DigiKey. Like Allchips, which is an electronic components online service platform, only include original factories & authorized agents. Allchips supply 10 Million SKUs from over 1000 suppliers original factories & authorized agents & offer intelligent BOM service for end users. see Leading Electronic Components Online Service Platform

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