San Jose Medical Device Design Engineering Firm Launches New Website:

San Jose Medical Device Design Engineering Firm Launches New Website:

We, at ProengineerPortal, help to transport product design ideas for medical device instruments to market by providing outsource engineering services. Our mechanical and design engineers provide a full range of medical product development services to startups, OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers), IP (Intellectual Property) professionals, and dynamic entrepreneurs who want to introduce their product into the market place. ProengineerPortal specializes in complex and high tech medical device designs. When working with medical device design firms, our design engineers focus on working cooperatively as a team with all parties involved on an on-going basis throughout the product life cycle. We provide basic outsource engineering services with an emphasis on innovative product research and design while focusing on the customer as well as the bottom line.

Our design engineers focus on the latest technological advancements,
which include; for example, laparoscopic surgical instruments. Our projects vary from simplistic Class I
medical devices to more advanced Class III devices which require meeting stringent Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines and specifications.

ProengineerPortal has experience working along with intellectual property (IP) law firms in developing and designing medical device prototypes for new products in the medical device manufacturing industry. This experience has turned out to be an asset to our firm, because we are able to provide a comprehensive intellectual property portfolio to the most demanding client. We have also worked with the FDA and patent attorneys in developing new products. As a result, these direct experiences have helped us in all phases of the product life cycle.

Please visit our Website for more details:

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