Outsource Reverse Engineering of Products for Enhanced Quality and Accuracy

In 2013, DailyMail reported that Iran has been mass producing copies of US drone through reverse engineering of designs from the machine that they had captured. While this is a talk of two different nations, firms at every level in various nations too use reverse engineering as an emerging tool for quality end products.

In most of the technologically advanced nations almost all the major market players have come to accept reverse engineering owing to benefits it has to offer. No more a jargon, the term reverse engineering portrays an image of engineers trying to understand the geometry of existing part with an aim to recreate it.

Technical advancements and needs

For industrial equipment, finding their application in oil and gas industry or say health care, needs to be manufactured with utmost care and need to be changed and updated with timely development to avoid compromising safety. For such equipment, the machinery is usually large and complex and it becomes cumbersome to accurately measure its dimensions, especially while creating drawings and designs in any industry involves products and components having minute detail and they contain complex geometries with multiple curvatures.

To capture the dimension and accurately reverse engineer the part of such equipment becomes difficult. However with modern technology, data acquired through 3D laser scanning of the topography is much more sophisticated and organized. Multiple patches are created to represent a freeform shape models as several surfaces with lesser intensity of complexities.

Major takeaway for engineers is that the process has a quality delivery of final CAD models, and it enables the engineers to enhance the quality by abiding the standards. Furthermore, these 3D CAD models can be used for CNC machining process during later stages. Also, dimensional accuracy can be checked and deviation can be calculated based on such methods.

The need of such a process arises due to wear the part has undergone and needs to be remanufactured, or for digitization of design in order to understand and study competitive market products. While there are several approaches to meet the requirements of standards and norms concerning the safety of operators, it takes an outsourcing vendor to deliver quality results with enhanced features of reengineered designs.

What does an outsourcing firm have in store?

There isn’t a ‘conjuring the best’ trick that outsourcing firms play; it is just accuracy and their expertise that runs the show for quality delivery. Meeting the national or international standards and designing 3D CAD models for safe products is what outsourcing vendors can do for manufacturing and engineering firms.

Whether it is a furniture industry product or a machine tool, oil rig equipment or machinery in health care unit, precise study of the scanned information of the geometry and accurately generating a 3D CAD model is the role an outsourcing design firm has to offer. Technical knowledge clubbed with fine hands-on expertise with latest technology equipped CAD software empowers outsourcing vendors in delivering appropriately reengineered designs of 3D CAD models.

Moreover, to generate such CAD models with accurate geometrical dimensions, it requires an understanding and skills to interpret the scanned data. The validation of design safety in virtual environment is necessary to avoid future operational hazards. Confirmation of designs to whatever design standards (ASME, BS or ANSI) the engineering firm needs to, is delivered by renowned outsourcing firms due to their expertise in handling a vast variety of several clients across the globe.

One of the most used cards for emerging as winners among the outsourcing vendors; is that the professionals affiliated to vendors are thorough with what they have to deliver; and time and accuracy are their major concerns. Their organized use of engineering simulation for various physical phenomena through software delivers reliable and standard results within budget.  

At this point, engineering firms need revamping several equipments, while they are constantly buried under meeting market and manufacturers’ demands for finished products and designs. By outsourcing reverse engineering projects, these firms can meet quality outputs within their budget constraints. 

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