Optimize the electronic components products

Today. I optimized some electronic components products. In order to make the products page more user friendly to our customers. Hope make good influence. The same time i will continue to optimize some electronic components products even it's hard to optimize all(10000000 products).

this pla6 keyworks, https://www.allchips.ai/mall/detail/Cornell-Dubilier-PLA6/351225 our page rank 55. I Optimize some description. It looks good when we change the CSS style.

hs5f3as  https://www.allchips.ai/mall/detail/Sola-Hevi-Duty-HS5F3AS/404202 our page rank 38. I add some pics.

gbpc2506a https://www.allchips.ai/mall/detail/Vishay-VS-GBPC2506A/1801815  our page rank 20.  I changed some description also.

hx1188fnlt  https://www.allchips.ai/mall/detail/Pulse-HX1188FNLT/1083932  our page rank 20, I Optimize some pics and description.

such as: hx1188fnlt

This is a good test for us. We will optimize the electronic components products for a long time. 

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