Leveraging 3D Laser Scanning Capabilities for Reverse Engineering

Is your product undergoing a decline stage? Do you want to analyze design flaws in an existing product and develop something better? Do you want to get an insight into competitor products and brace up your designs to stand tall against all competition? Then reverse engineering is for you.

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The first step to reverse engineering is to retrieve product specifications and other details from an existing product. This can be done via laser scanning. 3D laser scanning can be used to collect perfect measurements and other design related data from the object to be reverse engineered – it can be a mechanical equipment, a medical machinery or an industrial design to name a few.

Engineers collect data generated by 3D scans and use it recreate a digitized 3D model. Further, these models are refined and simulated for advanced analysis. Analyzing designs and testing them against all the parameters allows detecting the minutest design flaws and hence tweaking the existing designs for improved performance.

3D Laser Scanning Capabilities Include:

  • Detection of problems such as under trimming, over trimming, warping and mitigating performance surface problems
  • Intricate parts of the machinery are scanned and modeled separately for further details and refinement
  • The dimensions of a fabricated part can be validated and checked using 3D laser scanning technology
  • Documentation is a crucial aspect of design engineering. 3D laser scanning allows experts to trace the scanned data and create 3D models with polygons. Hence, if documentation of a design is not done, it can be availed by a 3D laser scanning expedited .
  • If a machine component needs to be replicated, its measurements can be collected via 3D laser scanning. Further, this accurate data can be used to create molds for replicating the particular part.

Manufacturers all over the world are using 3D laser scanning and reverse engineering capabilities in order to improve their product designs and hence take their products from a stage of decline to its peak, hence generating the best ROI for the business.

About Author:

Prahlad Parmar works at as an Engineering Specialist at Mechanical3DModelling. He is an expert in high quality Mechanical Engineering design and drafting, 3D CAD Modeling & Animation and reverse engineering & rapid prototyping services to across the globe.

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