Intelligent CAD models from PARTcommunity

What kind of intelligence do the parts from the PARTserver Community have?

When you export a part from PARTserver Community to Inventor the part that was exported will be parametric, have surface colors, have an assembly structure, contain attributes and show threads.

In the folowing video we show an example of what this features mean and compare some of them with the same 3D part exported in STEP format.

Find more videos like this on International PARTserver Community - Free CAD Models - 3D Parts

Which are the advantages of these intelligent features in this CAD models? This can be answered if we take a look at each feature and explain what this feature for the exported component means:

Parametric: This means that you can for example change the diameter from drill holes (the sketch parameters) in your part.

Assembly structure: You see which parts are used in an assembly

Surface colors: The different surface colors will be shown.

Attributes: The variables defined from the producer ant the BOM information’s are transmitted to the part

Part Informations

Bill of Materials

Threads: The threads are native from Inventor.

Now we know which are some of the advantages of downloading CAD models from our PARTserver Community. Try them they are for free and make design easy.

To download CAD models for free from PARTserver Community you can click in the picture below:

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