Today, video content is that the dominant medium for business marketing also as academic education. Everywhere you switch, there’s a video to be watched. But once you look carefully at the differences between traditional “live-action” videos and business animation, it’s easy to ascertain that animated explainers bring far better results. Why is animated video marketing such a lot more powerful than live-action videos? During this article we’ll dive deep into the highest 5 reasons why promotional videos should be animated.

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Understanding the past of video marketing is that the key to predicting its future

To understand the recognition and effectiveness of business animation, it’s important to find out from the past.

Distinct from cartoon movies made for pure entertainment purposes, the utilization of animated videos became popular for business animation around 2006.

Back then, hand-drawn videos were a natural progression from using ordinary cameras to record a university professor’s scribbles on a whiteboard during a lecture hall, while they explained complex concepts to their students.

Whiteboard videos were especially popular within the sciences. That’s because they were often wont to describe microscopic processes or other things that couldn’t easily be shown “in the flesh” with traditional live-action video.

The demand for talented artists and animated video explainer experts led to the increase of the business animation industry as we all know it today. The competitive pressure to use animated explainer videos began within high-stakes professional marketplaces like medicine, healthcare, law, digital technology, and high-end sales.

Explainer videos first became popular in mainstream business niches around 2007. Since then, animated videos have mostly replaced traditional live-action videos because the best thanks to sell products and services.

Why animation is best for promotional videos than live action

Today, animated video is that best of digital marketing – A recent study indicates that 90+% of business leaders and social influencers believe video content for his or her decision-making processes.

Even when they’re too busy to open an email or read a marketing brochure, people always have time to observe funny promotional videos. That’s why your promotional videos should be animated.

Given the history of video marketing and business animation, now let’s take a better check out the highest 5 reasons why promotional videos should be animated.

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