How to Use Visual Hierarchy to Optimize Your Banner Ads

The grapevine around marketing circles is usually quick to mark age-old marketing techniques and methods as ‘dead’. Banner ads met an identical fate at some point. But are they really as dead as some claim them to be?

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The answer may be a resounding NO. Doesn’t just check out CTR. Banner ads provide tons of valuable impressions and PEAR or Potential Eyeball and Retention (remember marketing class?) Plus, Google has made banner ads the new go-to with GDN’s contextual ads.

Now that we've established banner ads are considerably here to remain , allow us to delve into what we do best- the planning aspect of it. Today, we'll explore a key design concept central to digital banners – visual hierarchy and mind motion.

What Is Visual Hierarchy And Mind Motion?

Ad designers always strive to rearrange visual hierarchy across designs in such how on guide the viewer’s eye to consume information during a particular order. The aim here is to realize a transparent perception of the ad and deliver the message to its maximum effect. Supported the Gestalt psychological theory, visual hierarchy and mind motion may be a key concept in banner design.

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Visual hierarchy is actually the order followed by the human eye for recognizing the weather observed by it. Mind motion is that the movement your mind makes along the visual hierarchy in consuming the weather recognized by the attention.

How does one achieve your required visual hierarchy? You’ll roll in the hay by creating differentiation between all the weather. There are quite few ways to try to that, which we'll check out after going over the importance of visual hierarchy in digital banner designs.

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