How Instagram is Changing the Real Estate Marketing Game

Online marketing studies have shown a new trend: 63% of millennials would rather place their trust in what social media influencers have to say about brands, rather than in B2C brand advertising. No surprise there, as these influencers are now seen to play an increasingly significant role in the marketing world.

But just who are these influencers? To put it simply, an influencer is someone who has a large following on social media, and whose posts get noticed in the online world. Influencers in the Social Media world are capitalizing on their niche audiences to promote products and services, right from the latest micro fads in music and clothes to environmental campaigns on a macro level. In the world of real estate too, social media feeds are now playing a large role in reaching out to potential buyers.

Buyers who used to rely on real estate online listings or Property websites like Trulia now get the information they need to be fed to them on social media, through targeted feeds that cater to their specific requirements and interests. Through influencers on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, real estate marketers are now able to take focussed content, including 3D Property Renderings to the next level. This means that they can draw the attention of a larger population of potential customers, even those who may not have intended to buy in the first place!

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