I . three phase output EMI Filter Characteristics
1. Rated voltage: 250V/440V (can be customized 690V/1140V). 
2. Operating frequency:0-120Hz frequency .
3. Withstanding voltage Test (1 min): Line - to 2250VDC, line - line 1500VDC.
4. Temperature range: -25-85 ºC.
5. Insulation resistance: line - to (300A below) >= 1500M (Europe). 
6. Switching frequency: Fmax=60KHz.
7. Dv/Dt inhibition, over-voltage inhibit, reduce electromagnetic interference Inverters. 
8. Current large current from 1A-1600A (Amp).
9. The use of high-quality components to ensure the stability, security, robust. 
10. Inverters and the motor coil to reduce the wear and tear, for the inverters output filter. 

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