Comparison in FRP, and Metallic Fan.
The following considered as the ‘Major’ point of comparisons in FRP and Metallic fans.
Axial flow fans used in almost all the industries for various applications i.e.
Most of the existing fans are of conventional metallic fans, having old designs, and low efficiencies.
And in most of the above operation, the fan has to deal with the water moisture steam and many other
corrosive environments.
And because axial flow fans manufactured with impellers made of aluminum or
mild steel. The grey area today is dimensional and surface finish stability of the metallic impellers.
In fan blade, profile and its finish is most sensitive for the efficiency of the fan and because of
corrosion on the blade profile resistance for the flowing air increase this leads to high power
consumption & high noise levels with lesser efficiency.
So the Introduction of fiberglass composite material and ease of processing helped designers of axial flow fans to adopt more efficient profiles with the best distribution of fan blade chord and twist, which are difficult to generate hollow in metals.
Owing to this fact hollow bladed FRP fans adopted for various applications because of its following advantage-
  • Freedom to the optimal aerodynamic design of FRP fan blades provides higher efficiency for the specific applications.
  • Reduction in the weight of the FRP fan assembly provides the extended life of the mechanical drive system.
  • Low power consumption resulting in many energy savings as compared to conventional metallic fans.
  • Ease of FRP fan handling and maintenance.
  • Lower flow noise and mechanical noise levels compared to the conventional metallic fans.
  • FRP fans have excellent corrosion and erosion resistance.
  • FRP fan fabricated compression molding/resin transfer molding technique would have uniform dimensions and consistent quality.

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