Front Wing of F1 Car: How to Optimize its Design with 2017 Regulations?

Formula one is a thrilling sport with a strong following. A Formula one car in itself is a marvel of mechanical engineering. On a top-speed straight lane, a formula one car can speed up sufficiently to take flight, if it wasn't for the downforce that keeps it grounded.

Overall aerodynamics of a Formula One car are to a large extent determined by the front and rear wing design. 2017 brings about drastic regulation changes that would bring lap times down by up to 5s.

This article examines the front wing design of an F1 car and possible ideas for improving the overall aerodynamics. We will also have a more detailed look at what exactly the new regulations entail and introduce you to the SimScale platform and its CFD simulation capabilities to be used in F1 car aerodynamics optimization.

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