Facts about Car Recycling That Will Encourage More Recycling

Most car owners ask why they should recycle their cars rather than send them to the landfill. It’s quite worrying how many cars end in landfills when they have plenty of parts such as batteries and tires that can be recycled. By knowing the facts of car recycling, it will help many people to dispose their vehicles in the best way possible.

Steel from Recycled Cars Builds Other Cars

The steel that is extracted from junk cars is quite helpful when it comes to making new vehicles. Metal does not decompose easily and when a junk car is dismantled, the steel is taken to a factory where it’s worked on to make it look and function as new. This is then used by car manufacturers to make new vehicles.

It Prevents Disaster

By having the car recycled properly, you will be playing a significant role in preventing a disaster in the world. The oils and fluids from cars are hazardous but when the car is recycled by professionals like Top Cash for Scrap Cars, they will reclaim these fluids safely unlike when the car is sent to a landfill or remains in your backyard.

The Recycling Industry Provides Quality Parts

When a car is recycled with most of its original parts intact despite the car being inoperable, these parts are recycled. They are sold as spare parts which helps car owners get quality car parts at an affordable cost. This makes it easy to replace car parts that have issues without compromising on authenticity or breaking the bank.

More Than 60 Percent of a Car is Recyclable

This is an interesting fact. When you look at an old car that has been inoperable for several years, you see nothing but scrap. More than 60 percent of that vehicle can be recycled. Going by this percentage, recycling vehicles helps in taking care of the environment.

Millions of tons of materials are recycled from old vehicles every year. If all this was to end in people’s backyards and landfills, it would be a huge risk to the environment. Considering that oils and car fluids lying around is a health risk, more and more people should be encouraged to sell their vehicles to car wreckers. This protects the environment, helps the industry in getting affordable genuine parts as well as in getting materials for making new cars. Car recycling should be adapted with ease.

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