Facilities Offered By Hosted Telephony

Enjoyed Electrical work at Perth Mactec Commercial Electricians, some times I write about new technology concept as here I want to share blog about Hosted Telephony.

Hosted Telephony wants to change every business organization by using voice communication towards the client. They are providing benefits towards business, financial and technical lifestyle of humans. They want that human became perfect towards a lifestyle change by money saving with resilient voice communication.


It provides simple services to users along with supplementary options to the sophisticated organizations. So here are certain amenities offered by HOSTED TELEPHONY:-



1.      High-tech Linked

It will answer phone calls. Using some software programming such as C or Java - programs are created to develop menu system that provides a voice mail system

2.      Call Menu:-

It provides flexible call management system by using more advanced technology of the traditional phone systems. One of the best qualities having multiple menus set that can be changed according to the caller.

3.      Handling of Delays

It uses a web base control model to remove, add and change extensions according to the user choice.

4.      Call Forwarding:-

This feature is due to the special program software that takes responsibility to forward call manually or automatically depending upon condition of feuded data.

5.      Transferring of Call

It transfers the call if a person moves from one location to another to avoid handover drive test is performed by telecom engineers. 

6.      Call Parking:-

One of the best features to put a hold on present call and attend important calls if coming and this can be provided by the special inbuilt software in it.

7.      Hold Call:-

During music listening it is possible to attend a call and then switch immediately to the left music where one has left.

8.      Hunt Groups:-

Bandwidth allocated to that user whose service is free to accept the call.

9.      Conferencing: -

One of the most useful features offered by telecom companies so many people or family members can talk to them.

10.  Call Recording:-

A host service has stored data and for that they record your call if they think it is insensitive. Not only this, they have space that is used to store details of your call.

11.  Call Screening:-

To store some call to the screened database according to user satisfaction. Voice mail: - All basic services as you know offered by hosting services.

12.  Web based management administration:-

Mobile systems can be managed directly from the server using web browser because of the management and configuration installed to the server according to user requirement.

13.  User Directory:-

Security is taken care in this system and will store in database of server from user mobility.


Beside these special features supported by HOSTED TELEPHONY it provides a variety of applications in different types of companies and organizations.


These services are beneficial to the new developing organizations because they have small expenditure along with require security of their systems.

Growing organizations require these because they provide technically, attractive and commercially valued services to clients.

Multiple location organization needs these services because to get a managed environment for its staff and the people connected to it.

Talking to mobile person and home workers these services develop business as using these they are connected to one another. Technology has changed and everyone requires fast secure service that is unique if its kind to save money time and deliver best from its side and get better to change this world people.

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