Fabrication Shop Drawings’ Unprecedented involvement for Successful Construction Project

Gradual advent of prefabrication concept in construction industry has cut general contractors and structural engineers some slack. On-site risks have diminished to a considerable level but the need to have acute coordination between designs has raised its bar.

Especially when it comes to Structural steel detailing in building construction it becomes very crucial for structural engineers and general contractors to coordinate with fabricators. For them to have a final product synchronized with their structure design means that their fabricator understands building design and brings the perfect final product.

Critical elements such as beams, columns, pillars, etc. are usually prefabricated. And since the entire building’s strength depends upon these elements, fabricating them right with accurate steel and rebar detailing will ensure the sustainability of the building. Fabrication details for steel used will aid fabricator and contractor to be on the same page. A connector between general contractor’s requirement of perfect building design and prefabricated elements and fabricator’s needs is what we call a fabrication shop drawing.

Essentials of shop floor drawing for steel erection

American Institution of Steel Construction [AISC] cites that there are certain key takeaways of working with accurate steel fabrication shop drawings. Enlisted are some:

  • A knowledgeable fabricator can save you costs up to 70% for steel detailing
  • Because of higher strength-to-weight ratio of structural steel, it will result in lower foundation costs
  • Faster construction for structural steel
  • Quick ROI since the facility will be operational in no time
  • Structural steel is highly adaptable in case of retrofitting

Owing to such reasons, most general contractors insist their structural engineers use structural steel in structural plans and impart adequate strength to buildings.

Accurate fabrication shop drawings are the key to ensure quality and efficiency of entire structure’s stability and strength. Shop drawings will guide fabricators and builders to bring together on the same page and help them evolve efficiently during designs as well as during construction. Moreover, it gives a better quality of workmanship from the perspective of machining operations, fitting, installation, and maintenance by adhering to quality assurance standards.

Maintaining quality is still a better picture

As the fabricator proceeds with the mechanical engineer and structural engineer approved fabrication shop drawing, they essentially work towards managing construction risks. For this, engineers too, pay attention to the direction of administering untested welds, errors, and pieces of drawings that are ambiguous so that final outputs maintain the quality.

A well tested and collated structural steel fabrication drawing that complies with structural designs guide fabricators to use steel for proper grade and designation. The quality adhered here will show results during site-construction to specify locations of bracing and non-permanent supports.

If not adhered to quality and standards, say ANSI or AISC as preferred by the contracting company and client, it will result in fatal accidents while steel erection process. There have been are accidents in recent past which highlight the crucial importance of structural steel detailing and accurate fabrication shop floor drawing to convey engineers’ intentions.

Working in collaboration with a steel detailer and fabrication shop drawings expert offers a competitive solution. Detailed fabrication drawings for steel will result in accurate processes, safety, and quality of unimaginable limits.

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