Energy Harvesting Module - Universal Generator - Capturing Human Motion for Usable Energy

The Energy Harvesting Module is an Universal Generator which can Capture Human Motion from their day to day actions and convert it into usable energy.

The device consists of a friction wheel integrated with a electrical generator and modular electrical connectors.
The system has mounting holes to support custom brackets which are application specific.

The device is capable of capturing rotary, reciprocating and angular motion from bicycles, swivel/rotary/sliding doors, scooters, bicycles, windmills, rocking chairs, diving boards, swaying, trees, walking, running, grocery carts exercise machines and a host of other gadgets and toys used by humans.

The system is scalable and can help charge and power lap top computers, media players, cellular phones, home appliances, homes, offices, recreation areas and the community facilities.

Kindly check this out in the Tech Briefs Design the Future 1010 Contest

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