Get the Solar Advantage! Energy Efficient Solutions for your Property

As the impacts of climate change are felt around the world, there is increased concern that we may soon be reaching a tipping point in the Earth’s energy balance.

Sustainable living and maintaining the natural balance of the environment has suddenly become a matter of great importance to the world at large. The coming decade will see a lot of emphasis on Sustainable Architecture, with governments everywhere pushing for energy efficient ‘green’ buildings.

At present, it is estimated that a staggering 30 percent of solid wastes in landfills have originated from the construction industry. Buildings are investments that last for decades, and if the construction industry can reduce its carbon footprint, we can lock in significant savings regarding resources like power for the generations to come. Green buildings can go a long way toward maintaining the status quo in the environment and energy efficiency is the key to going green!

During the summer, when your attic is not well ventilated, temperatures can rise considerably and make your home uncomfortably hot. Solar Attic vents offer a low-cost solution and work on solar energy to run attic fans that can cool down the attic. When warm air is pushed out through the vents, fresh air is drawn in from outdoors, and the house is cooled down….an energy efficient form of natural air-conditioning.

If you are looking at building an energy efficient home, then you must plan well ahead. Going green is all about respecting the environment we live in, finding innovative solutions for age-old problems. Intelligent layout design and energy planning can make a whole world of difference to your utility bills and can help to reduce your negative ecological impact. Try building green – our planet will thank you for it!

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