CAD Drafting Practices for Profitability: Now and In Future

With the ongoing pandemic, like every other industry, the manufacturing industry too will suffer heavy losses. The question is how manufacturers should stay profitable now and gear up for future uncertainties. Answer is simple – having the right CAD drafting techniques.

Every manufacturer has different ways to approach any particular product or assembly manufacturing. Similarly every CAD drafter or designer may also have their style to meet the needs of their manufacturer.

How does outsourcing CAD drafting partners help manufacturers?

Ideally, CAD drafter or the outsourcing CAD drafting company will offer some set of deliverables to meet the manufacturing needs. These might include:

  1. Manufacturing drawings with Bill of Material
  2. Shop drawing
  3. Fabrication drawing
  4. Assembly and installation drawings
  5. Other engineering documentation

But now when the times are uncertain, is this sufficient? Or will these deliverables be enough to prepare manufacturing firms for the future uncertainties? Answer is yes, but there needs to be an adoption of some standard principles before the CAD drafters embark on developing the CAD drawings.

Three CAD drafting rules for profitability

So what are these rules?

  1. CAD drafters should draw with an aim to address all the challenges on shop floor that a typical shop floor engineer faces.
  2. Industrial designer and CAD engineers should always make the designs and drawings by keeping the end usage of the product in focus
  3. The design engineer should always be aware of the ongoing shop floor automation.

Read more about these principles and how Hitech CADD Services implements these principles for global manufacturing and engineering design firms.

How Hitech CADD Services help?

At Hitech CADD Services, we have a team of 100+ CAD engineers, certified AutoCAD and SolidWorks CAD drafters, furniture design experts and design automation specialists to address all your design and CAD drafting needs.

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