If you are keen on online marketing, I believe you have heard of the word backlinking. Also known as link building, backlinking is a search engine optimization (SEO) term that refers to hyperlinks on one website that when clicked, take you to another website.

Many people including https://www.ranknr1.no/ have embraced this SEO marketing tactic. Some of its benefits are explained below.


When you have a couple of backlinks, Google will automatically assume you have good content (of which is true). This, in turn, will boost your search engine optimization rankings.


Backlinks increase referral traffic. Those links are there for no specific amount of time. Since the publishing website is there indefinitely, so is the link to the target website. When users from the publishing site are reading the article and are interested, they will most likely click on the link to get more information. This drives a lot of traffic your way, boosting your ratings.


The more backlinks you have, the higher the chances of brand authority. Just make sure you publish strong, well-written, high-quality articles that will make users start focusing on your brand.

After a couple of articles, you will notice users from the publishing site will now be regular users on your website because of the trust gained.


Backlinking works both ways. You may be a regular poster in some of these influencer websites but sooner rather than later, these influencers will want to have a guest post on your website that links to them.

This is of great benefit to you since you will be able to get free posts on your website, you will get new users to your website and you will be building large networks for your website.


Backlinking is a great investment in that it will continue bringing you referral traffic to your website as long as the link and the publishing site are still active. Unlike temporary advertisements on social media and other sites, backlinks do not require money for them to remain relevant. It is a lifetime investment.


Reach out to as many publishing sites like sokemotoroptimalisering to be a guest poster on their website. Many of these influencer publishing sites need to stay relevant and on top of their game. So, they are not likely to say no to new content posted on their websites. In return, you will be getting free advertisement. This is a great opportunity for many people, some who have not heard of you, to be exposed to your brand.

If you feel that your brand or business would benefit a lot from the above points, then investing in backlinking is the way to go. What matters most is how dedicated you are to it. Always make sure your guest posts are creative, very informative and current. Publish invaluable posts that your users can relate to. Be very proactive and resilient and in no time, you will get a return on all that investment.

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