Selmac Group is a well established leading company with a goal of achieving revolution in the area of agriculture by increasing quality and improvement in quality of products by distributing wide range of horticultural and agricultural farming equipment in the Country. From full-field farm trucks to seed drills, from specific to approach wheeled work vehicles, Arbos presents in Bologna a line of machines described by many progressed useful arrangements. The main aspire is to achieve an integrated offering of technologies for agriculture.


We are highly responsible for providing our many year of field experience into innovative products from across the globe that will benefit you as our customer & our environment. The Selmac Group has a team of professionally qualified well experienced persons in the field of production and as well as distribution.



Selmac Group is the one of the top leading agricultural equipment dealers in Australia. We conduct business with high moral values, honesty and integrity. We are proud of the products which we are highly innovative and Electrostatic Sprayers in Agriculture as well as Agricultural Machinery Dealers in Australia and the efforts we put into them. Our aim is to serve on our country by setting good standards of quality, services and commitment to customers. We assess and our achievement based on the pleasure of our valuable customers.

Carraro Australia

Arbos Tractors have developed by using modern technology been used on farms to mechanize several agricultural tasks. Modern Arbos tractors are used for vide range of services ploughing and planting fields and offering wide range extra additional services.

Main Benefits of Arbos tractor

Arbos tractors are available in a very wide significant range of options to suit specific tasks and requirements.



Arbos modern tractors are designed and manufactured to offer versatility in playing a wide range of tasks.




Arbos Tractors are normally designed with powerful engines to run over rough terrain and pull tremendously heavy loads, making them effective in tough farming or landscape farm duties.




Modern Arbos tractors are designed and come with cast iron front axles for extra strength, worthiness and it ensure high durability.


Ease method of transmission and operation


Arbos tractors featured with a power shift transmission and hydrostatic transmission to make simplify operation. While these tractors are also provided with power steering to make turning much easier, higher advance models help reduce operator fatigue with exclusive shift controls and an automatically responsive transmission.


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