Application of Sun Tzu’s War Techniques on Product Design and Development (part-1)

Well known Sun Tzu’s The Art of War is famous in business and enterprise management for a longtime. A lot of the people translated the War Techniques into business strategies to win over cooperate wars. From my point of view and experience, I would like to interpret Sun Tzu’s The Art of War into our Product Design and Development engineering scope.

A nation which needs to prosper and stable, will need to challenge the new opportunities or defend their ground from attacks. An enterprise which needs to grow and stable, will need to develop new products/ services or upgrade the existing products/services to the demand market.

Lack of attack/defend preparation, a nation can be defeated easily by the rivals. Lacks of develop/upgrade products and services, a company can be defeated easily by the competitors.

War is a part of nation’s painful process which consumes people resources. Product/Service development/upgrade is also a kind of process which consumes company resources.

By using Sun Tzu’s War Techniques, it is easy to understand where we stand and what are we doing in the real battle situation.

By learning Sun Tzu’s War Techniques, we can able to understand why most products can only stand two or three months in the market and few products can stand for two to three years in the market.

Sun Tzu gave us five important elements to discuss before go to real battle.

1.Concept (Philosophy ) need to clear which product development need to done.

2.Ground which state that where are we stand (technologies, skill, equipment) and road map to the desire goal and calculating and analyzing our ground paths.

3.Sky or Climate that is the situation happening in the past, current and future (i.e Global recession time, New year event, seasons, etc.,)

4.Leadership or General that explains a lead engineer is to be chosen and he/she must have clear vision, enough skill to execute a winning battle and give good leadership.

5. Method is defined for design metrologies that will approach to the desire development (i.e Virtual prototyping, reverse engineering, etc.)

We need to ensure that these five elements need to strong and even one of these elements weak, defeats will follow.

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