Animation with Pro-Engineer Wild Fire 2 (Part –1 Rotation)

I was inspired by sikter’s work ( ) and his method is really useful when we do technical presentation .I would like to present some simple animation by Pro-E Wild fire 2 Version. But my work quality is RAW state and only for illustration purpose. I am hoping that most of you can be done better than this.

I made a few parts for the assembly purposes. I started assembly process.

For Pin Component placement, I used “connect”>connection_1>Used Only Axis alignment. So that Bolt can do rotation and disassemble in Axis Direction.

To be sure I used “Move” tab to see Bolt part can rotate and move out from Plate.

Click “Done” and leave in the tree these parts are not fully constrained.

Go to Application>Animation for creation of SNAP shots and Movie Frame. In this animation, we will create SNAP shot first and use SNAP shots to create Animation Movie. Animation is a simple tool and not complex as Motion Analysis.

We will change environment into Animation. It is just like Movie creation.

I used Drag Model and Create SNAP Shot command.

Appear Drag Window, I used only SNAP and DRAG command to create SNAP shots.
First form the assembly position, I used DRAG command, click on Bolt part and rotated a little bit and moved a little bit along the axis. Then took SNAP shot by SNAP command. I repeated two steps until Bolt was finally came out from the plate. This whole process quality was depended on patience, the more fine movement will gave you more realistic animation. I only created 13 SNAP shots, so that work quality was poor. I got enough SNAP Shot and close the Drag Window.

I used “create new Keyframe sequence” command pop up Key frame Sequence Window.

We can recall the previous SNAP shots from the drop down list. I picked the Snap shop 1 and added in the time. Time will capture the your defined SNAP shots in the movie sequence. If I made sequence from 1 to 13 and followed 13 to 1 will gave me Bolt come out from the plate and go back into the plate. After done sequence, you can generate the sequence as in order.

Click OK to close the menu. Anytime you want to edit , please click Kfs 1.1 and gave right click to edit KFS.

If default time 10 is not enough, click on time line , gave right click to Edit Time Domain.
Animation Time Domain window will apprear. I changed End time 25 for my animation.

Here is the pop up menu reference.

Click start the Animation (red arrow) to do analysis and then use play (Black arrow) to
See animate window.

Adjust window and view angle, zoom in/out and see forward/ backward for your design intent to show. Use Capture Command to export as Window Movie file.

Best regards,
P.S: Actually I intended to continue and write on Sheetmetal Blogs but this animation short cut was too good to share.

Disclaimer: The information on this page has not been checked by an independent person. Use this information at your own risk.
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Comment by Kratos72 on June 12, 2009 at 4:49am
Go to Orientation>set default orientation to Trimetric>chose default orientation from Saved Views>set
Is it what you want?

Comment by MACHID on June 10, 2009 at 9:49pm
thanks. kratos

How to create trimetric view in part and assembly help me please....


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