Montclair, NJ – Braunetek has successfully completed a patent design project with Angel Drums’, Theodore Mihos.

Over the past several months, Braunetek and Mihos partnered together in the design, development, and legal processes for various proprietary snare drum components and operations.


Angel Drums’ goal was to develop a drum hoop that created lateral tension on the drumhead while holding it perfectly centered over the drum shell for maximum resonance and optimum sound quality.  Once the piece was created, they needed a design patent.

 Braunetek, Angel Drums, and David A. Giordano, from Giardano & Chavous LLC, successfully submitted their “Angel Hoop” for a design patent.


“Without these exact CAD files, our product simply would not have made it to market - from patent filing to manufacturing and point of purchase packaging.” - Theodore Mihos, North American Operations Manager, Angel Drums

 Braunetek has seriously impressed me. The project was done meticulously from start to finish.” - David A. Giordano, Giardano & Chavous LLC

Braunetek was founded in 2012 with the mission of providing quality products to engineers, inventors and manufacturers around the world. With an expertise spanning countless industries, and various experiences, Braunetek is uniquely positioned to help take a product from an idea to the marketplace. The Braunetek approach is simple: For Innovators, By Engineers.

Braunetek LLC

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Angel Drums is an artisan owned and operated company - the industry leader in solid segment drum shells. Using the very best in exotic and common timber species from all corners of the globe, they are able to create unique percussion instruments for the professional player like never before. Angel Drums are manufactured in Hungary with each component produced under one roof with the highest of quality standards. Hand-machined solid brass hardware, hand-machined solid cast-bronze throw-off, hand-welded and hand-polished stainless steel hoops all made in-house with attention to detail, are just a few reasons that make this company very special.

Angel Drums

T: 530-563-8999



David A. Giordano

One Boston Place, Boston, MA 02108

T: (617) 752-2650


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