Advanced Lightest Rugged and Solar Powered Laptops

The high risk professionals are those who enjoy their work in the fields like construction, mining, survey, scientific research and in Industries require such type of laptops that favors’ fast processing in every sense but lighter in weight that is why mainly they prefer rugged laptops having advantages over the normal laptops.

The response from the army, military men’s, police officers and business workers as well as the owner told us the significance of getting the advanced lighter rugged platform that can survive same as the heavy clunky devices.

Life is fast, but it doesn’t mean to have always with desktop while on street move, that is why laptops and tablets created, but for business purposes a good idea is to have rugged lighter instead of heavy so Armel had created the world’s lightest rugged laptop – ROCKY RS11 in context to the reduce the effect of the non-rugged Mac Air Pro.

It has following features –

  1. This rugged laptop simply weighs 2.494 kg, allowing for use in environments mainly us wouldn't believe it appropriate that includes rainy season, hot and cold regions.  
  2. Nothing can damage the ruggedness as it has been specifically for certified with MIL-STD 810 and IP65, which suggest that it is not inherited by dusty and watery environments.
  3. Talking to the functioning regarding the temperature operable environment, which withstands the functionality that bears -4 to 1310 Fahrenheit / -20 to 550 Celsius.
  4. The clocking speed is about 1.7 GHz having Intel core i7 processor for fat performance. No doubt it is also integrated with Intel’s HD Graphics 400.  The RAM which is about 8GB extensible of 1600MHz DDR3 is endowed with along with three USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0 ports and gigabit LAN.
  5. It is really necessary to have wireless connectivity to such devices as whatever may be the condition communication is necessary for any kind of operation in easy manner. The resolution is around 1,600x900 having display of 13.3”.

Getting to enjoy such rugged laptops no doubt makes work easy as same work is done by these heavy rugged laptops. It pronounced as ROCKY RS11 by the ARMEL.

The rugged is not the simple laptops but they are more advanced as like the lightest in future the laptops are charged through the sun as there are more additional things to these rugged specially they enjoy the Solar powered ruggedness.

Talking to this as here are some important features that make the rugged future so strong as compared to the normal regarding business area.

It has wireless charging that last for 10 hours, no doubt save time and money with making more productive in terms of life longevity also. Concerning more regarding the solar rugged it has an Intel atom processor with 4GB memory, 13.3”, and equipped with a hard drive of 320GB.

People don’t believe the technology but in today’s lifestyle nothing is impossible. Talking to future the rugged becomes so rugged that people enjoy the power of the mobile and smart phones through the ruggedness. Things are changing and it is necessary to us to adapt this change otherwise someone else will take advantage and we left behind.


The light to the solar powered rugged let’s hope in the future some more benefits we will enjoy through the rugged laptops even at cheap price and day will come that every where is rugged laptops technology that is used for both normal as well as heavy purposes special towards the children that enjoys the power of the games.

For more information about the rugged laptops and its features that provides a variety of its unique kind through the Panasonic brand as what to talk as there are no words or that power the business with the class quality. Enjoy the power of the rugged feature to make the whole world under your feet.

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