ActionJac Provides Environmental Efficiencies for Solar Applications: Power Transmission Engineering

This is great article about The time-tested ActionJac series achieving clean solar actuation.  In the 1970s a backyard home satellite system was big. These commercial satellite systems had a diameter of about ten feet and were made primarily out of heavy fiberglass. In order to assist in satellite positioning, Nook Industries designed and applied its ActionJac, a worm gear screw jack product line, to this specific market. Although home satellite systems have steadily decreased in size through the years, the ActionJac has found work in a variety of other industrial applications.


"Nook has been making jacks for more than thirty years," says Jim Mangan, vice president of the Precision Actuation Group at Nook. "They're used in industries like steel, paper and airplane tooling and have recently found a significant home in the growing solar energy market."

Solar industry applications are becoming more efficient through the use of screw jack technology

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