5 Ways to Improve Productivity in CAD Modeling Process

Product or part design using CAD has managed to improve the development processes in manufacturing and design firms significantly. However, the process of 3D CAD solid modeling can be cumbersome and time consuming if not done right.

When developing products faster, it is important that the design process is also fine tuned to ensure that it takes less time and generate fewer errors. Increasing productivity during the CAD modeling process can provide manufacturers the possibility to improve efficiency and reduce repetitive work that reduces cost as well.

Using Familiar and Friendly CAD Platforms

One of the important aspects to consider is using CAD platforms that are more familiar for the users. While new CAD systems are packed with features, they don’t necessarily help the design process to improve.

Most often, it becomes difficult for the users to work on systems that are not familiar and friendly. It is thus important to utilize the CAD platform that best suits the organization requirement and keeps the designers comfortable working with.

Design Automation

Automating design process brings down the design time significantly. Automation is best suited for industries developing identical products in masses with no major design variation. CAD software today, provides the facility to develop intelligent product designs that reduces repeated calculations and design activities as the software does that automatically for you.

Using Cloud Tools for Collaboration

Complex mechanical product designs can be developed faster through collaboration tools. These tools allow design engineers to communicate on a single platform together and work on design changes without worrying about the version control. Implementing this technology can help in reducing number of design revisions and subsequently reduces the time.

Training Resources

Giving the design tools in the right hands can make a huge difference in a way design process is handled. Not every resource is aware of the features and tweaks available in the CAD software that can help improve the productivity. Conduct an internal training in the organization to allow CAD users to better comprehend the features of the CAD system they are using and also become aware about the tweaks that help in making the design process faster.

Sourcing CAD Activities Overseas for Time Consuming Projects

While you may have all the required resources, hardware and software capability to execute design projects, there may be a requirement that is pretty much large enough to be handled solely. In many cases, the modeling process might be eating important time in the product development process.

There maybe even cases where the design prints are required to be converted into digital models, which consume important time of engineers who can otherwise be employed for R&D purposes. Outsourcing here can help in boosting the productivity and provide enough time for the engineering team to focus on core activities.

Shedding out CAD works to engineering outsourcing consulting firms can not only reduce development costs but can also prove productive in cases where the projects are too large or complex, or when the design process is not critical for organization.

About the Author:

Gaurang Trivedi is engineering consultant at TrueCADD. He has applied his engineering expertise across several highly complex and big scale projects, consequently managing to flawlessly deliver as per the client requirements.

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