5 Amazing Ways a Cherry Picker is Used

A cherry picker is a common piece of heavy-duty equipment that has a variety of uses. It’s such an essential part of machinery that it is hired by both professionals and non-professionals alike.


Otherwise known as a boom lift, a man lift, or a basket crane, the cherry picker is basically an elevated aerial work platform that is powered by a hydraulic lifting system. This versatile machinery got its nicknames due to its distinct look that featured a cradle or a basket that is at the end of a long, extendable arm.


These reliable and durable cherry pickers are commonly used to lift an operator to otherwise inaccessible areas. These usually include the higher parts of buildings, trees, skylines, or even to clean the sides of tall buildings.


However, these aren’t all that the cherry picker can do. Even though its roots were in the orchards, this powerhouse continues to find new uses every day. From construction jobs, to simple home repair tasks, it seems to just as useful on commercial sites as it is for taking cherries off trees.


If you’re wondering what a cherry picker is and what it can actually be used for, then you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out about five amazing ways cherry pickers can be used!


#1: Picking Fruit


Now, this one’s a little self-explanatory, but we had to include it. After all it, wouldn’t be called a cherry picker if it wasn’t used for picking cherries. Although, it isn’t just limited to one fruit! Any fruit that hangs high on the branches can be safely procured thanks to this equipment. No more hazards or accidental slips when trying to get unreachable harvest!


Farmers, harvesters, or even people who have quite the green thumb can benefit greatly from the use of this product. It not only makes things easier and more efficient, it also keeps people safe from accidents. No more ladders and make-shift steps needed.


#2: Rescue Missions


You’ve probably already seen a cherry picker being used in the news but just didn’t know what it was called! A lot of rescue missions are conducted with this trusty machine on stand-by. If there’s a need to rescue people from high elevations like skyscrapers or tall buildings, then this is what the rescuers will need.


Firefighters are also keen on using this equipment to save people who are trapped in buildings. Often, the doors are blocked, and they’ll have to use alternative entrances which can only be accessed by a cherry picker. Knowing how to operate and use this machine is a must for fire departments, police departments, and other safety units.


#3: Maintenance


A tracked cherry picker is the obvious choice for maintenance of high-rise buildings and the like. These are usually utilised for cleaning windows and sides of structures that can’t be easily reached by ladders or stairs.


The use of cherry pickers won’t just get the job done, it also makes sure that it is accomplished safely. Since operators are usually qualified and equipped with the right safety materials, risks can be averted.


It’s also way easier to hire a cherry picker rather than building scaffolding towers which have to be moved around. The security and ample space provided by the cherry picker’s platform can also give plenty of room for equipment such as cleaning materials.


#4: Telephone and Electrical Line Services


Since telephone and electrical lines are connected by poles that are situated high above, providers need to find a way to gain access to it in a safe manner. In this regard, the versatile equipment takes on a whole new role.


There are hundreds upon thousands of miles of lines around every country, and there are maintenance checks and repairs that need to be done consistently. By using the equipment, service providers can ensure that we get the best service while they do their job in the safest way possible.


#5 Film Shoots


Have you ever watched a film and wondered how they got shot a particular scene? It pans out over such a huge distance that it must seem like CGI or some type of film magic that made it happen. But the answer lies in the most unexpected tool: this equipment that originated from fruit-picking activities.


In film lingo, a cherry picker is actually referred to as “Condors”. They take on many responsibilities such as hoisting the light over a set to create a dramatic effect. These Condors can even elevate a cameraman to give the scene a different angle, such as the bird’s eye view.


Cherry pickers have been around for years, and have found multiple, unexpected uses. If you’ve been planning to use it for any of the ones we mentioned above, you can drop by here for a tracked cherry picker for hire.

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