3D Concept Drawing: Breathe Life into your Imagination

3D Concept Drawings are the future of mechanical engineering & their presence is felt widespread. According to a study titled 2D and 3D CAD Trends in Product Design, about 52% of the respondents use 3D only. But the unknown fact is that about 4 out of 10 actually use 2D and 3D together. So opting for 3D is not an end of road for 2D. It means you are integrating 3D to a 2D environment in mechanical concept drawings.

There are different benefits associated with 3D concept drawings; when we talk about concept design creation:

While it is important to note that there are technical benefits with 3D concept drawings; it is imperative to understand its impact on the operations of an engineering organization, as well.

Need Fewer Physical Prototypes:

3D concept drawings help in virtually testing your mechanical concept drawings which can decrease the number of rounds of physical prototyping. The basic purpose here is to absorb things virtually as they are cost-effective instead of testing them physically.

Need Fewer Engineering Change Orders:

3D concept drawings help in needing fewer ECO (engineering change orders), the tool used to work through the release of Engineering Parts and Part Drawings.

Supplementary People / Roles can contribute in Design Review:

This advantage of 3D concept drawings is of great importance. Since 3D concept drawings require little clarification in comparison to 2D engineering drawings, chances are that one can have more people in the engineering and non-engineering divisions to appraise and offer feedback on the design.

Need Fewer Review Meetings:

3D concept drawings make it is easier to find design flaws and issues which are prevailing in the product before arranging the management meeting.

There are some other reasons for people to select 3D concept drawing as compared to 2D concept drawing:

      Reasons for moving to 3D       Percentage (%) of users shifting to 3D
  • Wanted technology not available in 2D
  • Employees wanted to use 3D
  • Clients wanted to work in 3D
  • Competitors use 3D

(Source: ptc.com/WCMS/files/136594/en/dropping-2d-for-3d-why-it-does-not-always-make-snense.pdf)

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