3 most common struggles for young engineers and how to overcome them

One of the most challenging careers is engineering, especially after graduating into the job market and a huge contract comes your way. At this point, you begin to ask many questions. If say, you are a structural engineer, you get stuck between earning a living out of your craft and doing so professionally. Are you well equipped for with right skills?
In this post, discover three of the most common struggles facing young engineers today, and most importantly, how to solve them. You may want to consider hiring a statistics homework helper for your house plan, and that’s okay.
1. It is difficult finding jobs
The moment fresh engineering graduates step into the job market; they are upbeat for good tidings. After all, they say, spending five to six years at the University is worth all the good things out there. However, things are not always rosy. You may have the best grades, but when it comes to landing an opportunity, say, a road construction tender, experiences play a key role.
Landing a contract isn’t always going to be easy and it gets worse if one lacks enough experience. However, do not give up just yet. It is still possible to overcome this challenge of job hunting and land a lucrative deal. So, what’s the catch?
Well, start by networking before you can hit the road running. Also, any job, however small scale is worth the experience, including working as an intern/apprentice.
2. Socio-technical challenges
Here, it is a question of handling job challenges and meeting people’s expectations. The truth is that as soon as you land your first contract or fulltime employment at a construction firm, everyone will be looking forward to your first output. For starters, it can be very unsettling, and before you know, considering it is the first time facing a real challenge on a job, self-esteem is taking a dip.
Moreover, given that engineering as a career is comes with huge demands such as sometimes spending extra hours at the workplace developing a new concept of, most new employees in this sector start feeling bored and anxious. Coupled with repeated tasks, you can only hope each day ends fast.
However, there is still a way out of technical challenges. While many may want to blame an education system that emphases at the expense of imparting the right skills into students, it is imperative to take on challenges head-on. Also, your success depends on cultivating a healthy working relationship with colleagues. For example, when it comes to building a system, everyone involved will be undertaking different tasks, but, all of which work towards a common goal.
3. Problems with communication
Let’s face it. Engineers are not the holy grail of effective and efficient communication. Most of the times, it is where their problems begin. If you are just beginning, it could be painstakingly difficult striking a balance with clients by addressing their needs, objections and expectations. And, even if you have what it takes to deliver, poor communication will get you hitting a snag every time.
Therefore, how should you do it? First of all, it is noteworthy that having a healthy correspondence should start at the workplace. If say, you are working on a project collectively such as fixing a wiring system in a new building, is there a smooth workflow? What about availing information to clients as and when they need it? Once you take care of this part, and also in a language everyone understands, there will hardly be any problem starting out in an engineering career.
The Bottom Line
Engineers who are just entering the job market usually come face to face with a host of struggles. From not being seen as not being reliable, less experienced to matters of accountability, learning how to cope is vital. You may have asked assigned geek to write your final engineering research papers, but, the job market presents a different way of doing things.

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