11 Ideas for Clamping in Weld Fixture Design

In Weld Fixture Design you need to think how to best hold your product parts in place and keep them there while they are being welded.

Check out some images and ideas for clamping in this post from Rentapen's Weld Fixture Design 101.

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Comment by G S Jha on August 1, 2012 at 9:43pm

Hello Susan,

                   Thanks for your advice and encouragement.

Comment by Susan Straley on August 1, 2012 at 3:24pm

Hello GS.

I posted your issue on the Welding Engineering Group on Linked in.  I got TONS of replies and helpful hints for you to try. 

For example, "

Donald DeanAnother process that will dramatically reduce distortion is Pulsed Welding, Pulsed Welding can be performed with both the MIG (GMAW-P) welding process and TiG (GTAW-P) as well.

For Mig welding try setting the machine to 16.5 to 18.5 V and 280 - 330 IPM WFS and use a 75/25 Argon/C02 shielding gas. If you MIG welder machine has a pulse option activate the option and adjust the pulse setting to 3 to 5 PPS. You may increase the PPS action as needed however 3 - 5 PPS will be a good starting point. Your operators will need to practice with the process on comparable scrap metals but it is a relative easy process to master for experienced skilled welders.
For the TIG process, DCEN, adjust the machine between 75 and 90 amps, using Argon Shielding gas (99%) or better, and again if your TIG machines have pulse option available activate the option and adjust the PPS between 2 and 4 PPS. 3 PPS should work great with the TIG welding process. Use a e70-s6 TiG rod with a diameter of 1/16 or less, and a tungsten electrode 2% thoriated (RED) no greater than 3/32 diameter. For tig welding process the Shielding gas should be set between 20 and 25 CFM, using a number 8 cup on the tig torch.
For the MIg welding process, .030 to .035 diameter er70-s6 wire would be recommended, with shielding gas 75/25 Argon/C02 at 30 - 35 CFM. Any other shielding gas with greater Argon Content will create a hotter weld and increase distortion.
Hope this helps, and GOOD LUCK"


AND that was just ONE guys reply.  I didn't copy them all here.  I hope you join linked in (it is free) and then join the Welding Engineering group and read all the answers and ideas there.


Comment by G S Jha on July 27, 2012 at 7:12am

We are facing problems in M S Sheets welding of size 2m x 3m.It is getting destorted after welding to the structure.Is there any preventive measure for the same ?


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