Currently, companies that seek strategic outsourcing not only do so as a way to save resources in a recessive economy but also as a strategy that allows them to ensure the survival of their business in the face of the high level of competition in the market in the one who acts.

From a strategic perspective, and not as a short-term tactic, the implementation of outsourcing CAD design would allow the establishment of a strategic alliance with which each of the companies involved would enhance the competitive advantage necessary to compete for customers in the current market, working together towards the materialization of the marked business objectives.

Outsourcing, in addition, is a way of satisfying the demands of companies regardless of the economic context. In bad times, cost reduction becomes a priority, making it an attractive alternative to complying with the agenda set by the company. On the other hand, when the economy is good, the demand is directed towards changes in the business and the identification of critical resources and optimization of processes, together with a greater possibility of gaining access to new technologies available in the long-term market.

Among the motivations of outsourcing for a company, we extract 10 advantages for which Strategic Outsourcing has a positive impact on your business:

  • Liberation of human, technical and financial resources at the level of critical business activities
  • "External" vision of the organization that allows for a less committed and more independent critical view
  • Focus on meeting customer needs, instead of focusing on internal processes
  • Access to resources (technologies, processes, experts, etc.) that do not exist within the organization
  • Reengineering of processes
  • Access to industry best practices and become an important benchmarking observatory
  • It often inspires the design of a new organizational structure, more flexible and adapted to the current context of constant change
  • More rational use of resources and improvement of the efficiency of the organization
  • Transform fixed costs into variables
  • Positive impact on the performance of the business and the quality of the process that is outsourced



When choosing the right company to outsource design to completely or partially it is necessary to define the objective that the company needs to cover through a designing provider company. It also depends on the types of projects your company is running. Since design also comprises of CAD drafting, modeling, GT & D and prototype designing, you have to have a very clear insight of what you want to acquire from an outsourced company so that you do not waste funds and resources.

Skica technologies a great hub for engineering outsourcing design and other engineering works. They act as an extension to your existing engineering design department adding value to your OEM production through a team of professionals and engineers who master the best methodology in the designing market and know how to adapt it to your core business. They excel in offering advanced technological solutions that allow you to maintain control of your business, with total transparency and traceability.


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