Spaceshipone modeled in Catia by SOLARIS DESIGN

Spaceshipone Modeled in Catia's Generative Shape Design Workbench by SOLARIS DESIGN. Please see "Spaceshipone Modeling Tutorial 2 by SOLARIS DESIGN" to continue.

Please visit us at WWW.SOLARISID.COM for more info and more tutorials. Please feel free to share your thought with us.

SpaceShipOne modélisés dans Workbench Design Forme Generative Catia par DESIGN SOLARIS. S'il vous plaît voir "Spaceshipone Modeling Tutorial 2 by SOLARIS DESIGN" pour le prochain tutoriel

S'il vous plaît nous rendre visite à WWW.SOLARISID.COM pour plus d'info et d'autres didacticiels.

SpaceShipOne Modelado en forma generativa Catia's Workbench Diseño por SOLARIS. Por favor, consulte "Spaceshipone Modeling Tutorial 2 by SOLARIS DESIGN" para el siguiente tutorial.

SpaceShipOne modelliert CATIA Generative Shape Design Workbench von SOLARIS DESIGN. Bitte sehen Sie "Spaceshipone Modeling Tutorial 2 by SOLARIS DESIGN" für die nächsten Tutorial.

WWW.SOLARISID.COM - 2010 - Gunes B. Kocatepe

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Comment by madhura on September 16, 2010 at 9:53am
hey thts grt..
actualy i m last yr student of mechanical engg..and i want to do my last yr project in may i get little bt help from u??if possible...
my email id:
thank u..


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