With the advances in pneumatics, and motion control, I've come to appreciate the technology that has birthed the newest devices. Most are convenient, and helpful to mankind. For example, twenty years ago, beepers (pagers) was the hottest, most used method of immediate communication (beside the landline phone). The idea of a mainstream cell phone for personal use was unheard of. The first generation cell phones (GTE 1984) were huge, bulky and carried by a shoulder-strip connected to a battery pack.

Luckily for the masses, proficient engineers developed cell phones that could be used in:  the medical field;  world-wide mass communications ; advancements in transportation;  entertainment purposes; and, various other needs.

With all of the rapid changes in technology and circuitry design, engineers have cleverly created numerous products that have been life saving and intriguing, to say the least.

The most fascinating creations engineers seem to have is replication of the human body. We have seen, from sci-fi television shows and movies, that robots and symbiotics are included in the imaginary world that we are watching.  However, on the contrary, creating robots that imitate humans for mainstream purposes, should be scrutinized with great caution. 

I have an admiration for engineering and all that it can do. But, some natural things need to be left alone. One thing to be let alone is the natural course of man. Engineers remind me of the engineer in the movie "Terminator". Perhaps "Terminator" is a stretch of the imagination and over-the-top, but the replication of a robotic hand and closeness of home is a bit frightening.

To further illustrate my view, below is a link that shows a prototype of an upper body of a child robot. It is in the designer plans to make this robot as realistic as possible. In the video's caption, there is a link that directs viewers to a facial motion prototype. 


This prototype may be developed with the intent of being good for mankind. However, history has shown that all things created for its designers purpose has had disastrous results (i.e. splitting of nuclear atoms).

What is your take?


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That child robot is seriously creeping me out, Natasha!!!

Tell me about it...this is our future.

Paul J. Heney said:

That child robot is seriously creeping me out, Natasha!!!

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