What are the best websites for sourcing product and supplier information?

I am working on project of identifying the best websites for sourcing product and supplier information.

I understand  it  depends on the project etc. but all feedback is helpful.


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The McMaster-Carr Supply Company (mcmaster.com) is the world's best source for all kinds of industrial stuff.  Nuts, bolts, titanium, or Teflon -- they have a huge online catalog, and if they don't have it, they can find it for you.  The catalog includes a lot of engineering infomation (what adhesives bond what materials, what o-rings do not disolve in fuel, etc).  Unlike many suppliers McMaster actually lists prices -- very useful information when you are designing something.

DigiKey site has lots of tools 


Global spec is a one stop shop.
The Omega catalogs are a good source for data acquistion sensors and hardware. They have excellent tutorials in the back of the books. Their prices are a little high but for R&D one off it is a good place to start.
Marking Systems, Inc. www.markingsystems.com works with design engineers in the development phase with all sorts of labels, name plates, overlays and membrane switches.  We offer an "Engineering Prototype" which is 10 labels digitally printed for $150 plus a one-time setup charge of $60.  This enables engineers to develop mockup labels without having to spend a fortune on them and if the customer changes the design, they aren't out a ton of money.  Give me a call and I'll gladly help you out with any needs you may have.  Jodie Carlson 972-475-0770 ext. 232
I spend a lot of time sourcing products and supplies so of course I have lots of bookmarks for the suppliers I most often refer to but when in doubt, the Thomas Register is still the best website I know for American made products.  If that is not an issue then you can usually find what you are looking for on Globalspec.

My company, Industrycortex.com helps solve this problem for hundreds of thousands of people per year.  One of our major users is the www.DLA.mil who buys all of the technical products for the different divisions of our military.


We also offer custom search engines and directories so that you can search only through your pre-approved suppliers.  An example of this can be seen at customcortex.com  Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in a custom search engine, directory of suppliers, or a catalog/sourcing tool for your company.





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