What are some interesting areas in mechanical engineering field ?

6 Areas of Interest in Mechanical Engineering
1. Environment
This is one of thee most excellent mechanical engineer career path. Many mechanical engineers consider the effects of the design on the environment and vice versa.
2. Dynamics
Systems which tend to be in motion are tested, researched, computed and finally optimized by a mechanical engineer. This optimization process is done by dynamic theories done using iterative and computational methods. Thus dynamics is also great career.
3. Energy Systems
It is important to store and use the energy sources like Natural gases, wind, oil, water, wind at some point especially in a non-static system. Mechanical Engineers need to consider storing and using energy in a controlled way.
4. Manufacturing
This field continuously varies with respect to the technology development. It is not restricted to automated manufacturing, development of tools, quality control, and optimizing processes only.
5. Material Science
In order to know the specific characteristics that can affect the design, analysis of all the products is necessary. And based on it, application materials are actually chosen.
6. Mechanical Design
Mechanical design is the process of transformation of reality into mechanical design. There is a need for some thought and analysis by collecting requirements then developing an idea and creating a detailed design.

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Personally, I think Material Science is the most ineresting field in mechanical engineering. I am particularly interested in choosing the right type of material for different areas of application, and I think material science is essential for that. However, the other fields are quite interesting, too!

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