Various type of file formats are used in designing 3D models. Out of which few are owned by 3D printer manufacturers; few are related to design software, and other are produced by 3D scanners. Here is the list of file formats used in 3D printing

1. STL

      It is most common file format used in 3D printing. STL stands for STereoLithography and .STL files has a facet data.This can be used to  interface between  CAD software and 3D printers.

2. gcode 

     It is also called as .g or .gco. This file contains G-code data. This file is created by a slicing program, that transforms a CAD drawing into a string of code understandable by a 3D printer 

3. OBJ 

     This is same as .STL as it contains 3D geometry information alone, like vertex normal, polygonal faces and texture coordinates.


      .VRML is acronym for Virtual Reality Modelling Language, is a new kind of file system. This is the best file format for 3D printers because it hold single UV colour map . But it is not in much use.

5. 3MF

      .3MF file format is developed by Microsoft and is an XML-based data format. With this, all model information is kept in a single archive and can be extended.

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