I looked at a bunch of electrical CAD programs before I found DipTrace. It was a pain to download each one and play with it for a while and see if I liked it. In the end DipTrace was intuitive and easy to use yet powerful. Now I'm searching for a 3D CAD program and hate the thought of downloading a bunch of programs and playing with each one to see if they are easy to use. I'm hoping that someone from the DipTrace community could recommend a 3D CAD program that is either free or low cost (similar in cost to DipTrace) that is as intuitive as DipTrace. I'm scared of the learning curve of programs like Blender. I would like to be able to quickly model parts for DipTrace but also have the power to do basic plastic enclosures as well. 

Please help

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I think FreeCAD is best choice. It is opensource tool. Also low budget.

Hi Guys,

It is a good initiative to learn a program yourself from the Internet or elsewhere. But I will suggest if you are planning to learn for a single project or short time it would be better you outsource the requirement instead of wasting time to learn and implement the same. There are freelancers or service providers which offer affordable services.

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