Video Overview of T-FLEX CAD Parametric Feature Tree

T-FLEX CAD CAM is a low cost PLM suite of mechanical design software from CADDIT which allows users to quickly create finished products and large moving assemblies with complex shapes and surfaces. A standard feature of parametric 3D CAD software is the feature tree which allows you to "browse" and change selected features from any point in the design history of a 3D model. The following short video offers an overview of the T-FLEX CAD 3D Parametric Feature Tree panel.

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Comment by caddit on February 3, 2009 at 3:52am
T-FLEX CAD is high-end PLM software like Pro Engineer, Unigraphics and CATIA but priced at a fraction of the cost. Although inexpensive upgrade options are available, every T-FLEX license is permanent and does not require anula subscription fees to continue working. CAD Designers are encouraged to download and try T-FLEX CAD CAM for themselves free for thirty days from Read this entire post HERE.


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