DFMPro for ProE - Design For Manufacturability

DFMPro for ProEngineer - Design for Manufacturability

DFMPro is a novel, automated design for manufacturing (DFM) review tool, that facilitates upstream manufacturability validation and identification of areas in design that are difficult, expensive or impossible to manufacture.

It allows quick and in-depth examination of product manufacturability through advanced design rules for manufacturing processes like milling, drilling, turning, sheet metal fabrication, and injection molding.

The new sheet metal rules broaden the scope of out-of-the-box manufacturing checks provided by DFMPro. Also, 3D reports along with the newly added excel reports provide a simple way for organizations to easily communicate, collaborate, and track manufacturability issues not only within the organization but also with vendors and customers.

DFMPro helps organizations leverage standard and organization-specific manufacturing knowledge to -

• Reduce time-to-market by reducing design to manufacturing iterations
• Improve quality by detecting defects
• Reduce production costs by promoting usage of design and manufacturing standards
• Improve innovation by capturing manufacturing knowledge for continuous improvement

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