Will there be any room for Innovators soon? (Consumer Product Development part 3)

Twenty years ago more than half of the world did not have color TV. Publicity was wide on radios, and in print, libraries made a living by just putting books and more books on the shelves. Children had play stuff made in simple colors, and there were almost no hand-held gaming consoles to tag along.


Today, we stare and wonder how to stop the onslaught of new TV technologies that erupt every month from the various combinations of 3D, LED,  4 COLOR and now are waiting for the surreal 4D in our living rooms! Magazines are now available in print and e-verisons. Most print versions are accompanied by their virtual real counterparts, with magazines now introducing the immersion experience by “smart tagging”.


How far can this go ? Frankly, we can’t really say because “the sky is the limit”. If so, what can be predicted about this phenomenon, and can that be trusted? Again, the answer is a sorry “may” or “may not”. It is difficult to reason out why the answers are like this, but what can definitely be said follows.


Technology development cycles have been greatly crashed in recent decades. However, most of this has been possible due to the availability of information in the public domain, topped up with advances in top secret centres run by huge investments. The rate at which this is going on, it seems that soon, we will only be left with information to work on, which is classified, patented or pure hypothesis. The options stated mean that future developments that find their way into the products we use, will have to be made at either huge costs, by huge money spending, or by purely innovative means. Traditional methods of product development will wither and slowly becomes scarce commodity or will not be done in any of existing methods at all. That brings us to the next question, which methods will suit product development henceforth? I will dwell on this in the next issue. Cheer till then.!!

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