Why is writing an Industry CV such a hard process?

Writing a CV for the first time is a difficult process for many people, yet we are only writing about ourselves, not a subject that needs studying to understand the topic at hand. In most blogs giving out advice about what to include in your CV, it will most likely to be as precise and concise about the experiences you have accumulated thus far that will give an employer a background on your potential within their firm.

Should you include failures?

Writing a CV about your failures may seem counterintuitive at first, but it will help you understand the root causes of your problems and how you can solve them to make yourself a more presentable individual. To create a CV Online, using your failures as the base, will provide numerous pathways to unlocking your potential. Writing down lessons will allow you to remember all the moment where things didn’t turn out as planned, as much as you may have wanted to forget them, it will allow you to analyse why the outcome was negative. It will also enable to identify blind spots that you had not spotted before or weaknesses that need to be addressed before you can apply for the job you seek to get. Transmitting certain elements of these failures onto your actual CV can be considered a positive for recruiters only if you specifically outline the reasoning of the failures and most importantly what you have learnt from the lesson and how you would act differently in the future.

A chance to impress

Keeping in mind the opportunity to write as much about your failures as your strengths, this will allow you to step out of the status quo and provide some originality to your CV instead of making it look like hundreds of CV’s which recruiters are tired of filtering through. Whilst some may consider it a risk, it is a risk worth taking as any good employer will understand that you have been bold enough to stick your neck on the line to prove yourself, which is a trait that is widely accepted to be of great importance.

Finally, making an honest CV may not always land you an interview but it will provide a far greater chance than a normal CV only focusing on the absolute positives as recruiters will be curious to read about anyone who willing to be different and step outside the comfort zone. It will also help you as you will learn new things about yourself and find ways to improve them.


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