What would you do if someone stole $3600 behind your back and you found out about it?

You'd probably call the police, have them arrested, and have them procescuted, correct? Then why are you letting Autodesk get away with it?

That stolen money, thats how much less you could have paid by designing with progeCAD rather than AutoCAD... "But, I know AutoCAD inside and out, I have been using it for XX years", you say... Well, If you know AutoCAD, then you know progeCAD, that how close the products compare

Now I can hear all you diehard fanboys of AutoCAD calling it names like "Flea Market CAD" or "Toy CAD". We don't feel a need to try convince you, If it is important to you to be a part of the crowd, to conform and not make waves, we understand, its your money after all.

No offense, but you don't know what you are talking about.
in the last few years progeCAD has become a serious CAD product which is quite up to the task of taking over your design tasks for far, far less money.

progeCAD IntelliCAD, the most "AutoCAD Like" software on the market today, is built from the ground up to satisfy those who wish to work with the DWG format and have a familiar interface they are used to designing with. Many who try our progeCAD product come away from the experience expressing wonder at how they had never heard of us before. and how they would be switching to progeCAD You might be asking yourself why you had never heard of progeCAD before now. The reason is simple, progeSOFT, the manufacturers of progeCAD, don't spend over 80% of their income on Marketing like the competition. They focus their resources where they will do the most good for the customer, improving the product

We challenge you to take the plunge, try out progeCAD free for 30-days under no obligation, then compare the price of progeCAD to the price of AutoCAD.

progeCAD is 1/10th the cost of AutoCAD. Smart Designers and Engineers investigate?

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