What Type of Cereal Powder Vertical Packing Machine Performance Do You Need?

Feed rate and accuracy are interdependent of each other. If accuracy is your main concern, you may have to sacrifice a little speed to hold tolerance. If speed of fill is a priority, you may sacrifice some accuracy.

Weighing scales for your product fall into two categories: gross-weigh or net-weigh. Capturing the net weight of a dry material during the bagging process is done by filling a “bucket” or “buckets” inside the packaging equipment until the desired weight is met. The scale controls are only concerned with the weight of material metered or fed into the “bucket.” Net-weigh feeding allows for faster bagging rates, typically an increase of 1-2 bags per minute by feeding the product into the bucket for weighment while the next container is being placed into position.

Capturing the gross weight of a dry material during the bagging process is done by zeroing out the weight of equipment and bag being placed on the discharge spout in programming, then feeding or metering product directly into the bag. Gross-weigh feeding is typically slower than net-weigh feeding because you cannot start the feed process until the existing container has been removed and a new container is in place.

Selecting the right container for your product will help determine the initial design of the equipment and downstream accessories of your system, such as palletizing. The flow characteristics of your product will determine the best metering or feeding technique to move your product from infeed to container. The performance criteria you choose for your production will help decide the type of filling operation required. Remembering these three basic decision parameters will be crucial to purchasing the right and most reliable system for your Cereal Powder Vertical Packing Machine production line.

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