What Is OsHA, And How Does It Affect Me?

OSHA is short for Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is an agency with the United States Department of Labor. The Occupational Safety and Health Act was created and signed in 1970 by President Nixon. It was created to ensure safety in the workplace for all Americans. The OSHA Act covers all private sector employers and their workers, as well as some public sector employers and employees. Both employers and employees at work are responsible for the safety of all workers, as well as customers of said places.


According to where you work, and what state you live in, the OSHA Act and training needed can be different. If you work in retail, you will generally read some brief information as you are being trained for the job, and take quizzes to ensure you know what to do, or where to find the OSHA booklet, in case the need arises. Once in awhile the retail company may get a surprise visit requiring your employees to know where this booklet is, or what to do in emergency situations. If you work in the food and beverage industry, there will probably be a mandatory training session, as more accidents happen in restaurants than in retail.


Some places of employment are required to have their workers complete 10 or 30 hours of training courses to be certified to do their jobs. This depends on the type of employment for the courses required. A hospital worker can be exposed to many different diseases and must be aware of how to avoid exposing themselves or others to such diseases. They need to know how to dispose of things properly, like needles, or soiled linens from a contaminated patient.

The construction and manufacturing industry has strict OSHA rules that must be followed. Danger lurks at every corner in this industry. The industries must usually take the 30-hour comprehensive course, to ensure everyone's safety. Everyone does not know that you can't leave items on a ladder, or not put a sign where wet floors are, so it must be taught.

OTI or (OSHA Training Institute) Education Centers are authorized by OSHA to help employers get their employees the training they need. They must pass the OSHA approval with experience, knowledge, locations, and training facilities. Not only do they show you how to practice safety, but also to inform workers on what to do, and follow up if they are injured. Every state has several of these OIT centers to help employers and employees comply with the OSHA Act.


In Texas, there are many choices to choose from for OIT centers. If you are in or near the Houston area, look up on the internet, Houston OSHA 10 hour training courses. They usually have several different options to choose from. The company can set up an appointment to have them come to the company, have everyone attend maybe one or two day sessions at one time, or as needed as new employees come on board. Another option is online courses, either at home or on a company computer. Either way, it is a mandated 10-hour course, that must be completed in order to get a 10-hour labor card. The costs can be anywhere from $55.00 to $79.99.


Make sure to check out all of your Houston OSHA 10 hour training options that will fit the needs of your company and employees. The better the plan, the easier it is to adapt to your needs. Don't waste time, remember the better safety track record your company has, the lower your insurance rates will be. Do yourself, and your employees a favor, and give an OIT center today.

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