What Can Be Learned From Apple & Nike - No Crap, Big Opportunities

So I was reading through Twitter this morning and came across this article. After reading it, I thought Heck, this should go for everyone, especially Engineers! Engineer's have the unique opportunity to develop products from the ground up, so this advice almost speaks directly to YOU! 


Apple's Jobs to Nike CEO - "Get Rid of the Crap"


Now I don't know how many engineers purposely develop crap, or go into a design process with the goal of developing a crappy product - but with so many market pressures, cost constraints, timelines, etc. it is easy to fall into the crappy design game. 


Hopefully this article will provide you with the motivation and confidence to fight these pressures, pushing back against those who don't mind crap as long as it is on schedule and under budget. Obviously Apple & Nike have done really well for themselves so its not like one could argue the Case Study!




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