Many people think about robots mostly in relation to industrial applications. However, there are other commercial applications for robots. Technological advancements have led to the increasing utilization of commercial robots in various sectors.

This advancement has resulted in the increased adoption of:

  • Field robots
  • Medical robots
  • Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGVs)
  • Drones
  • Service robots

If Hollywood is to be believed, robots will eventually become a part of our daily lives. You will not only find them at work but also in your home performing a variety of domestic tasks. Robotic applications are very practical especially for repetitive tasks and difficult tasks.

The demand for commercial robots is, therefore, expected to grow even more in the new decade. The possibility of enjoying the services of a domestic robot in your home is closer than ever.

Service Robots                           

A robot is programmed to amass information from its immediate environment then perform the tasks the information demands. Robots are equipped with the necessary elements to enable them to perform the aforementioned tasks. These elements include the following:

  • Control systems
  • Sensors
  • Batteries
  • Actuators
  • End effectors

They also come with a level of intelligence to understand the data they gather and apply it to their environment. In other words, they interpret the information and perform tasks related to it.

Examples of service robots include the following:

  • Collaborative robots
  • AGVs
  • Drones

Collaborative Robots

Also known as Cobots, these machines are designed to work alongside humans in a common workspace. They are programmed to sense the people around them and accommodate them ergo.

They are also programmed with safety features to enable them to operate without endangering the lives of their human colleagues. They will slow down operations or stop completely if they sense humans close by or come into contact with them.

Autonomous Guided vehicles

They are able to derive around a warehouse delivering objects. They make it easier for workers to get to products without having to fetch and carry them themselves.


Drones have been used in just about every industry. They can be effectively utilized as delivery options for pizzerias and other service-based businesses. They have also been used in the military to spy on the enemy and collect crucial data.

 They are able to access places that would be dangerous or impossible for humans to access. Moreover, they can be used to perform complex operations and maintenance activities.

Unlike industrial robots, service robots perform tasks beyond the production floor. They help to improve not only your everyday life but also your work life. They perform practical tasks for humans and help to save time and ease the burden of work or chores.

Service robots are categorised by their professional or personal applications. In addition, they come in a variety of forms as well as applications. Technological advancements in robotics such as cognition and interaction are responsible for the existence of service robots.

Uses of Commercial Robots

There are many different applications for commercial robots, all of them outside industrial applications. While they are used in a variety of industries, commercial robots can also be used for domestic purposes.

Commercial robots are used to:

  • Transport materials within a factory
  • Deliver products to customers
  • Access areas that would be difficult or dangerous for humans to access
  • Collect accurate data and transmit the same
  • Mapping activities
  • Inspection, recording videos, monitor construction
  • Perform medical procedures such as operations
  • Deliver supplies, medication and meals within a hospital
  • Farm applications such as harvesting and picking


Commercial robots will continue to affect our lives both at work and at home. In fact, they will play crucial roles in every aspect of our daily lives. They are designed to make life easier and more meaningful.

In addition, they help in increasing the value of work as well as boosting safety and production in the workplace. Commercial robots are only going to become increasingly important in the future.

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