Update on Student Loans and a reduction for engineers

As promised, I am striving to keep all readers updated on the current student loan reductions for engineers. I am supplying this link for all to see how their loan repayment situation can be resolved.

Once again, good luck to you.


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Comment by Natasha Townsend on July 24, 2012 at 9:17am
Hope this helps:
Section 430 -
Turns the Loan Forgiveness for Child Care Providers program into the Loan Forgiveness for Service in Areas of National Need program providing loan forgiveness under the FFEL and DL programs to certain full-time early childhood educators, nurses, foreign language specialists, librarians, highly qualified teachers, child welfare workers, speech-language pathologists and audiologists, school counselors, public sector employees, nutrition professionals, medical specialists, mental health professionals, dentists, individuals employed in engineering, technology, applied sciences, or mathematics, physical therapists, school superintendents, principals, or other administrators, and occupational therapists.
Authorizes appropriations for such program for FY2009-FY2014.
Comment by Natasha Townsend on July 24, 2012 at 8:41am

For everyone that is trying to find the link or what the bill was called when signed in 2008, it is  H.R. 4137 (110th): Higher Education Opportunity Act.

We are just waiting for the reduction to come to fruition.

I have provided the link below. The sections are lengthy and includes many professions. The bill is worth reading.



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