Turbine Hydraulics Design Requires Some Thought

An efficient, responsive, and reliable blade-pitch control (BPC) on a wind turbine requires many valves, pumps, hoses, reservoirs, and brakes, and they all must work flawlessly together. I think often when we think about wind turbine design, we think of the blade span and the drive train components, but think about this. How effective would your turbine be without proper yaw brakes? It would be hardly more efficient than the old school turbines from the Netherlands.

Hoses and fittings are probably not high on most critical component lists either, but when something goes wrong, you'll realize they should be. Not only are these hoses and fittings crucial to hydraulic circuits, but they play a very active role in gearbox lubrication and cooling.

Hoses with a class-zero leakage do not weep in extreme temperature variations nor on cool down. Therefore, selecting a class-zero hose dramatically decreases the likelihood of fluid loss and turbine failure. Such hoses also promote a safer working environment inside the nacelle by keeping its floor drier and delivering extended service lives.

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