Top Ten Ways Being An Engineer Improves Your Daily Routine


10. Time Management and Planning
This is only #10 because I think lots of professions train us to be effective time managers.

9. Being Logical
I can't tell you how many times I've heard two people arguing about something and thought, "That doesn't make any sense. Actually, neither one of them make any sense." Lawyers run into this thought constantly as well.

8. Puzzles and Strategic Games
Everything we do at work all day is a puzzle of some sort. Critical thinking to solve complex technical problems is what makes us engineers.

7. Fixing Things
This one applies to most engineers, just not me personally. I am many things, but 'handyman' is not one of them.

6. Basic Arithmetic
All engineering disciplines require strong mathematical backgrounds, so it stands to reason that using math every day makes us good at everything from doing taxes to calculating sales tax and tips.

5. Fantasy Sports/Statistics
Take one look at the rules of my 10-team fantasy baseball keeper league. Trust me, the engineering skills come in handy when trying to create the best statistical team possible.

4. Maps and Driving

Engineers don't get lost. Ever.

3. Personal Finances

The math and organizational skills definitely come in handy here.

2. Setting Up All-Things-Electronic
This goes hand-in-hand with #7, but this one resonates with me personally. Whether it's computers, tvs, stereos, mp3 players, or clock radios, the engineer knows where the cords go.

1. Making EVERYTHING More Efficient
It's in the job description to optimize. Whether it's making lines go faster, appliances save energy, or taking less trips to carry groceries upstairs, engineers naturally look for ways to make everything more efficient.

How has being an engineer helped you with routine tasks?

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